Sydenham Chinese Medicine Clinic is a newly established practice offering Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Massage to Sydenham and it’s surrounding suburbs.

At Sydenham Chinese Medicine Centre, holistic patient care is the focus. Your personal history, family history, living environment, emotional health, life stressors and many other factors are taken into consideration when diagnosing and treating you. Great care is taken to understand your condition and in providing you with an understanding of your own health. With understanding comes the ability to motivate yourself to create a better treatment outcome for yourself. Each patient will be given advice to improve their lifestyle and maintain balance in their life for good health.

All this dedication to patient care in no way means that professionalism is compromised. The clinic is run smoothly with precision so that your experience does not add to the stresses of your life. A calming atmosphere has been created so that you can take some time out of your daily schedule and really focus on yourself and your health.